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Ambient monitoring system

Updated: May 11

temperature, humidity, pressure senser in every room

levingroom senser.

All of the sensors are composed of a BMP280, a extremely cheap pressure humidity and temperature sensor. And a Wemos D1 mini, a little Arduino like device with Wi-Fi that send information back to Home Assistant.

Bedroom senser.

And it gets displayed in home assistant like this.

bathroom senser.

Because there are no plug socket in the bathroom I had to improvise,

This one is connected to a light socket with a Mini 230V to 5V Converter Power Supply. This one also has a custom silicon moulded cup, To prevent moisture going into the ceiling. I'm also planning to connect this one to the extractor fan in the bathroom, so that it automatically turns on when the humidity gets too high. And turns off when it gets to a reasonable level.

boilerboor senser.

Because the Wemos D1 mini has more pinouts than I know what to do with, this one pose double duty and has a built-in relay switch to turn my Central heating on and off. And most of them sit in custom 3D printed cases, just to make them look a little bit better than a black PCB stuck onto the wall with some duck tape.

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