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Automatic flag waver

I decided to keep this month's project somewhat simple, I have loads of Flags around my office and apartment. but they always feel inadequate just sitting there motionless, so I decided to make an automatic flag waver.

looking around online I once again found that not a lot of people have had this problem before so I had to engineer my own way.

I grabbed the few things I had laying around a D1 Mini, Servos, USB-C BMS, and some old disposable vape batteries that I've been collecting. after playing around for a bit I found the best position for the flag to be in, and with all of that information it was time to start designing.

I finally decided to switch over from shapr3D to fusion 360, I always found fusion 360 a little bit overwhelming like jumping in at the deep end of what feels like a depthless pool.

so many new features to memorise and learn how to use, but it was worth it.

The code is very simple we are just getting the servo to go left and right when we turn on power to the servo controller, but I have noticed that the timings are different depending on what kind of server you are using so you might want to adjust them accordingly.

import machine
import time
Servo = machine.PWM(machine.Pin(4), freq=50)

while True:
    for position in range(20,90,5):
    for position in range(90,20,-5):

I wanted to give myself a challenge after learning a little bit of Fusion, can I make a double flag waver but only using one servo?

I had to play around with some gear plugins, because as far as I know fusion doesn't have a built-in feature for generating gears but please prove me wrong.

The thing I had to keep in mind is that the flag had to be at an angle for it to look right when it's being waived, so I had to offset the gear angles so the flags don't collide with each other.

here's a link to all of the 3D files:

as always I made a video about the project:

by the way I've had a Patreon for a while but I've not really mentioned it but I've had a lot of positive responses to my last few videos so if you'd like to support me here it is:

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