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Double flusher

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Sometimes the plumbing at home just isn't sufficient, causing us to have to flush then wait for the toilet to refill before we can flash again.

With some fairly basic electronics, 12v battery, motor driver, Raspberry Pi Pico, push button, reed sensor, magnet and a linear actuator.

all that was left was to design and print a holder, to hold the linear actuator above the flush button. of course it was held together with hot glue and zip ties.

All that was left was to Mount the the magnet onto the the part inside that Rises with the water, with the read sensor attached to the cover we get a signal when the water is full.

The code was very simple. when the button is pushed check if the water level is full if it's not wait until that is, then run the the linear actuator for a specified amount of time and then run it back.

As always you can check out the video for this project on my YouTube channel.

I will not be publishing any of the parts or code for this project, I do not expect anybody to make this sometimes I like to make projects just to annoy Reddit.

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