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Halloween Candy Dispenser

Updated: Jan 8

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Halloween is easily one of our favourite holidays, but it keeps being interrupted buy lazy freeloading kids. but at the same time we don't want to be the one house in the neighbourhood not giving out candy to kids, solution: an automatic candy dispenser.

So I got to work designing, because of time limitations I opted to use easily obtainable materials. I draw a quick sketch of what I wanted to make, and went to the store to pick up supplies. from my local hardware store I picked up a drainpipe and plywood, as well as some cheap paint and brushes.

I traced my drawing onto the plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw, cleaning up some rough edges with a file and then painted the whole piece with white primer.

After the primer dried I painted the board Green with a silver strip on top.

Then it was time to start designing things in CAD and 3D printing, I wanted it to be interactive so I designed a pair of moving eyes that look left and right with a simple servo. I also designed the nose, couple decorative pieces and the Candy dispensing mechanism again powered by a servo.

I than simply attached the printed parts to the plywood with whatever method was easiest, mostly hot glue and screws.

To make the nose pressable, it hangs from a little printed hinge with a limit switch from an old printer hot glued behind it.

The whole thing is powered by a 12-volt battery with a buck converter to 5 volts,

and controlled by a D1 Mini. with micropython running a very simple script to wait for the nose press move the eyes left and right and open the servo to release candy, 50% of the time it worked every time.

To finish it off I made a tongue out of foam floor pads. and somehow I didn't put any thought into how it will be mounted, so I had to make tiny legs out off scrap wood.

And that's all there is to it, consider checking out the video I made for this project on my channel and any support is greatly appreciated.

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