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Home assistant automated blinds part 1

Since moving into a new apartment with my partner, I’ve wanted to have our blinds automated. Since we can’t go anywhere due to lockdown right now…it was time to finally do it.

No more, will I have to get up and walk over 2m to tilt the blinds. when the RTX enabled life decides to blind me with a sun ray.

List of parts i’m using

  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor 42BYGH

  • DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver

  • 12V 1A Power Supply

  • LM2596 Buck Converter

  • D1 Mini NodeMcu

List of parts to 3D print

I’m not going to get too much into the details of the circuit, as

I think this diagram explains it well enough;

To keep things as neat & tidy as possible, I put all my parts on a PCB.

This was probably a bad idea, since I will need to add more components for opening and closing the blinds.

If you're familiar with ESP-home set up a new node for your D1 mini,

And copy over the parts you need from my code.

You will need to edit the “initial_value: ‘your value’” In globals.

This is how many steps it takes to tilt you'r blinds from one end to the other, this will take trial and error.

The way I calibrated mine was by closing the blinds and clicking the open button, waiting until it gets to the other end & if the stepper motor starts skipping the value is too high.

if it doesn't go all the way to the end it's too low.

I would recommend starting low and gradually moving up, it prevents the motor skipping too much. (Make use of the “over the air” uploading in ESP-home)

Now the D1 mini should be all set you can go to the integrations in Home assistant, add it and it should look like this;

Notice that when you add it to the dashboard it looks like this;

Unfortunately to get the slider into a card we will have to install a third-party plug-in, its called ‘slider-entity-row’. To install it your first have to install HACS, which is an add-on that makes it easier to download custom UI elements follow this Guide on how to install it.

Now navigate to HACS and in the frontend tab click add repositories and simply search for slider-entity-row. Now simply add this code to an empty card and unless you change the name you should have a slider.

type: entities
  - cover.blinds
  - type: 'custom:slider-entity-row'
    entity: cover.blinds

Now you should have something like this.

Now install the 3d printed parts on to the stepper motor.

adly our new Tenancy agreement won’t let us attach anything to the walls…so, we use command strips! For almost anything, the velcro ones can hold up to 7kg plenty for what I need, with those I attached my stepper motor to the wall and made sure there is no slack in the ball chain.

I'm planning to put the system in a 3D printed case but since this project isn't fully complete yet I'll just let it hang off the side for now.

And that should be it! you are now the proud owner of half of a fully automated blind system, I'm still working on an opening and closing mechanism, I'll leave an update here when I make progress.

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