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This is my little LEGO rocket, it is by far one of my favourites.

I just wish that I didn't have to hand crank it to see the little astronauts rock back and forth,

I'm sure we can do something about that.

My plan is to make the rocket move back in forth with a motor and preferably be powered by a USB, and all of the other electronics tucked away Behind the Rocket.

I modified a cheap electric geared motor, by cutting down one end of the the shaft and glowing on a lego Axle Connector.

Through it I also put a toothpick for rigidity.

All of the things I used

  • cheap geared motor

  • Small buck converter (smallest I had at hand there are much smaller ones available)

  • micro USB port

In my testing I found that the best speed is is at 1.85V, but that can be adjusted later on the buck converter.

Please keep in mind the motor needs a certain voltage to start moving after being plugged in.

I connected everything together and permanently hot glued it into the 3D printed box,

Which you can find on thingiverse.

Thank you for coming along and Reading if you enjoy what I'm doing please consider supporting me all following me on other social media platforms

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