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Mellow sorter

Archive organisation tool

Mellow sorter is the reason I started coding, you see I'm a data hoarder I save every single photo and video i can.

And if I go out with my friends to film or take photos I make sure to copy their Sd cards before leaving for safekeeping, every so often I have one of my friends pop-up and ask me whether I have that one photo from that one time usually the answer is yes.

But the manual copying and organising all of the photos and videos got a little bit tediou, so I started looking online for an file organiser that fit my criteria. Sadly I couldn't find anything so I spent another year contemplating whether I should learn to code and make it myself, and then 2020 happened and I suddenly had all the time I needed to learn how to code.

And a little bit later I had a working prototype that I was happy to share with people.

This top bit holds a list of paths to your commonly used media, and any time you plug that media into your computer it will automatically offloaded.

From there you can press start sorter and mellow sort well jump into action organising all of your files by year>month>day

This project is fully open sourced and you can find it on my github, looking forward to see your contribution.

If you would like to support my work please consider buying me a coffee

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