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Putin slapper

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine I wanted to do something to spread awareness, as well as flipping a middle finger to you know who. After thinking about it for a bit I had a plan a robot that slaps his face.

I leveraged the 3D printing community, and found a model of his head and a suitable hand and 3D printed them.

I posted a couple of stories on my Instagram when I was printing the the head, and I could few concerned messages about what I was up to.

Then I had to remove the head from the torso, I could have done this in software but it was much more satisfying doing it with a red hot knife. and then I popped it on a spring.

To finish it off I printed a holder for the servo and the head.

after posting it to Reddit they decided that the slap wasn't enough, so I came back to it and added another feature. A punch.

if you'd like to see extra footage I made a YouTube video about it with more details.

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