Smart extractor fan upgrade

A cheap way to upgrade your bathroom extractor fan.

last September me and my partner moved into our new apartment, in our previous apartment we spent quite a bit of money upgrading all of the Lights to hue RGB lights.

So obviously they had to come with us, one of the first things we did in the new apartment was take out all of the old light bulbs some LEDs some Incandescence and put in the hue lights. and to anyone who is familiar with hue lights the light switches become a thing on the wall you don't really care about, except of course in our bathroom because the landlord has wired the bathroom extractor fan directly into the light switch.

This works but personally I think this is a terrible way of doing it because after you're done taking a shower and you turn off the lights which consequently turns off the fan so all of the moisture that is still in the bathroom after taking a shower stays there and eventually leads to Mold, ideally you would want the fan to be on a timer so that when you turn off the power it stays on on to get rid of the extra moisture. this also means the bathroom fan turns on even when it's unnecessary for example when we want to use the bathroom.

So how do we fix this?

Well for one, you can call your landlord and ask to rewire it but that would mean running an additional mains power line to the fan so obviously my landlord isn't going to do that (We asked) Next best thing without spending a lot of money make it Smart.

let's start by removing it from the ceiling.

having a closer look at it we can see that it has a timer and a humidity sensor completely unutilized, because the signal is directly connected to live.

So let's get this fan connected to home assistant


so I grab all of these components and roughly lay them out inside the fan case, then connected everything together.