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Washing up liquid dispenser

I get annoyed by the simplest of things, perfect example. When I'm doing the dishes I don't like to, put down the sponge pick up the bottle of washing up liquid and put it on my sponge. It just takes too long that's the entire reason this project exists.

Parts list

raspberry pi pico

12v dc peristaltic pump

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - HC-SR04

Motor Driver module DC Dual H-Bridge - HW-095

I still think you could easily use something a lot smaller than the raspberry pi pico, it's very overpowered for this project. But it's what I had at hand.

The code is very simple, in the main loop it gets the distance from the HC-SR04, and when it's within the set parameters the motor goes Brrrrrrr. For a set amount of time is 0.5 seconds for me feel free to adjust to your own standard of soap dispenser, and then it turns off.

And repeat.

The HW-095 is a great choice for this project as it converts 12v to 5v to power the raspberry pi pico, and 12v to the motor and gives me room to expand for another motor in case I want to add another dispenser.

I 3D printed a casing for this that fits inside of a glass jar I had collecting dust after the great (fly invasion of 2020) but I won't include this design as it's very specific to my jar.

As always you can find the code on my github .

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