Updated: Nov 2, 2021

With all the recent news about the mars rover I wanted a piece of the action,

I wanted to make a scale version of the Perseverance rover.

And after discussing it with my partner,

They persuaded me to start smaller.

So I started working on a small tank instead and zippy was born.

Zippy 1.0

Here’s the list of things I used:

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Motor Driver L298N Mini

3V-6V Gear Motors

Buck Converter

Tank moddel

The first version is no more then some motor on a 3d printed body, controlled by plugging in wires to the battery

I wrote some simple code to control zippy through a website hosted on zippy,

All of which is on my GitHub

And then started piling on and zip tying everything the the body.

As a v1 it worked very well, well enough to keep me interested in the project

And with enthusiasm I started V2.

Zippy 2.0

I want to thingiverse and looked around for a good tank Model and settled on:

And stuffed all the same electronics from 1.0 in there, which meant the all the parts where moving around inside.

So I designed some parts to hold the batteries and the raspberry pi zero w along with the motor driver in place.

I won’t be sharing these parts because they are very basic and specific to my application.

I was really determined to control zippy with a xbox one controller, and after hours of playing around and debugging it

till it worked.